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Rigpa Reiki in Hartford

Sound healer Ed Cleveland has created Rigpa Reiki to teach others how to build and amplify their innate abilities to heal their own bodies. He will be teaching these techniques on July 19 from 11am to 4:30pm.

Rigpa, which means “knowing or awareness” in the Dzogchen teachings, refers to the innate, primordial, pure, non-dual awareness of the nature of mind, so be prepared to go deep into your own being and heal your own past, bring happiness to your present and create a positive future. In these Master Classes, no one needs to open you up or breathe attunements into you. This practice is in line with the lifestyle that Usui studied, where women had important roles as healers, where breathing techniques, meditative practices and sounds amplify the energies through the Kotodama practice. The use of mudras and mantras as extended prayers are also included from Cleveland’s in-depth studies of the Bonpo Tradition. Himalayan Bowls will also be part of these studies.

The group will study the Tibetan 5 Elements and learn why they are deeply connected to the five primary energy flows or lights in the body. The word for lung in Tibet is prana, so you will learn how to use the five lights in healing as a modality for your five major organs that feed your five limbs while working with your five senses. The “list of 5s” is extensive and also will be part of the practice.

Attendees will learn about the secret activity of the mind with the internal visualizations and three levels of spiritual practices—external, internal and secret levels. You will learn how the elements become unbalanced and which elements to work with to connect with optimum health and various emotions, temperatures, directions, color, tastes, body types, thinking styles and your character.

The transmission of this program is from Cleveland’s interpretation of many different aspects of personal training collected over his lifetime.

Each level costs the same daily rate of $250 for 5.5 hours.

?For more information, call 860-681-3981 or visit? Location: Ed Cleveland Sound?& Reiki Training, 555 Asylum Ave, Hartford. See listing, page 19.

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