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CT Adds Chronic Pain Qualification For MMP

Last month, one of the state’s regulatory committees met via Zoom and approved chronic pain as an addition to the conditions eligible under the state’s medical marijuana program (MMP).?

More than 41,000 patients receive medical marijuana from dispensaries through the program, and this change in the regulations is expected to open it up to thousands more.?

“We realized there are thousands of conditions that have pain associated with them and there’s no way that we as a board or the program could think of and approve all of those conditions individually and separately,” said Dr. Andrew Salner, Hartford Healthcare, Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians.

Chronic pain is one of 38 qualifying conditions for adults. However, to be eligible, patients must have a diagnosis longer than six months, and it must be associated with an underlying condition. In other words, if someone twists their ankle or pulls a muscle while working out, they won’t be eligible for the program.?

Even with this change, Connecticut’s program is still considered one of the most regulated in the nation. It’s overseen by the Department of Consumer Protection.

For more information on the program, visit?

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